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Priyanka Belhekar
Anuradha Thakare
Payal Budhe
Uday Shinde
Vaishnavi Waghmode


Due to rapid industrialization, arable land is decreasing. Hydroponic farming technique includes producing fruits, flowers and vegetables especially in the areas where gardening is challenging due to unsuitable soil. Hydroponic farming facilitates soil-less gardening. In large greenhouse operations, hydroponics is used to grow various exotic crops. The smart farm can be made fully automated, log multiple sources of data and capable of wireless control.
This article suggest work-in-progress model for smart farming with hydroponic style by linking a smart sensing system and smart irrigation system through wireless communication technology. The system will real-time monitor the temperature , humidity changes, moisture content, nutrient content, pH of the water, fine flow required and efficient use of water resources that plays a vital role in farming activities. Remote sensing humidity for farm water will be measured on the basis of continuous, multi point and accurate moisture values. A Decision Support System implemented with this approach will facilitate the farmers with remote monitoring of farms.


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