Image Denoising Using Non Linear Filtering

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Miss.Arti V. Gautam
Prof .Mr..D.M. Dakhane


Noise in an image is a serious problem. In this paper, the various noise conditions are studied which are Gaussian noise (GN), Bipolar
fixed-valued impulse noise, also called salt and pepper noise (SPN), Random-valued impulse noise (RVIN). Digital images are often corrupted
by impulse noise during the acquisition or transmission through communication channels the developed filters are meant for online and real-time
applications. In this paper, the following activities are taken up to draw the results: Study of various impulse noise types and their effect on
digital images; Study and implementation of various efficient nonlinear digital image filters available in the literature and their relative
performance comparison with the proposed filter.




Keywords: Noise, GN,SPN, RVIN, Fixed Valued Impulse Noise


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