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Ashwini. B
Dr. Udayarani V


In India, agriculture plays an important role in development in food production. In our country, agriculture depends on the monsoons which are not sufficient source of water. So the irrigation is used in the agriculture field. Internet of Things (IoT) is a milestone in the evolution of technology. IOT plays an important role in many fields, one of that is Agriculture by which it can feed billions of people on Earth in future. The objective of this paper is aiming to overcome this challenge, the whole system is micro control based and can be operated from a remote location through a wireless transmission so there is no need to concern about irrigation timing as per crop or soil condition. The sensor is used to take sensor reading of soil like soil moisture, temperature, air moisture and decision making is controlled by the user (farmer) by using a microcontroller. Using wireless transmission, these data collected are sent to the server database. The irrigation will be automated when the moisture and temperature of the field are reduced. The farmer is notified with the information regarding field condition through mobile periodically. This system will be more useful in areas where there is a scarcity of water and will be worth efficient with satisfying its requirements.


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