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Mohammad Tanveer Khan
Imtiyaz Ahmad Najar


As Information Technology makes impact nearly in every aspect of our lives especially with the emergence of web applications especially ecommerce and social networking websites, the amount of data generated and stored continues to grow at a very high rate which necessitates the improved data security policies and mechanisms in order to ensure that the data transmission is safe and secure across the networks. Network security refers to all the characteristics, features, measures, operational procedures, protocols , policies and practices required to monitor an unauthorized access to data and to provide an acceptable level of protection for transmission of data across the networks and at the same time preserve the, integrity , availability and confidentiality of information. Adapt is defined as: “become adjusted to new conditionsâ€. With reference to software systems the type of adaptation is often defined with reference to when it is achieved. Adaptation can be static where the system is modified at design, compile or link time. It can also be dynamic where the system is modified or modifies its own behavior, at runtime. With reference to the definition of network security, adaptive network security is considered as a runtime modification of the security policies and mechanisms employed to secure sensitive data.In spite of all the security products available today (mostly non-adaptive), on-going efforts and current solutions, it is known fact that security across networks and applications is not adequate.
This paper aims at designing a secure adaptive network solution which shall provide a complete set of security policies and mechanisms for creating a self adaptive security solution for transmission of data across network applications and environments. The type of security addressed in this paper is specifically data privacy and ‘adaptive’ implies the ability to change the security policies and mechanisms at runtime through an intelligent trade off policy.


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