Optimal View Selection by View Relevance Driven Selection Algorithm

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Mrs. Chaitali R. Chaudhari
Mr. R. M. Tugnayat, Mr. Ganesh B. Regulwar


Materialized view selection problem is one of the most important decisions in designing a data warehouse. In order to efficiently solve
the problem, a modified genetic algorithm for how to select a set of views to be materialized so as to achieve both good query performance and
low view maintenance is available. A data warehouse uses multiple materialized views to efficiently process a given set of queries. These views
are accessed by read-only queries and need to be maintained after updates to base tables. Due to the space constraint and maintenance cost
constraint, the materialization of all views is not possible. Therefore, a subset of views needs to be selected we propose a View Relevance Driven
Selection (VRDS) algorithm based on view relevance to select views. We take into consideration the query processing cost and the view
maintenance cost to be materialized.

Keywords: heuristic algorithm, view relevance, data warehouse, views, view selection, materialization


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