Implementing Rank Based Genetic Algorithm on Cotton Expert Advisory System

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M.Sundara Chinna
Prof. M.S. Prasad Babu


The present paper deals with the design and development of expert systems to advice the farmers in villages through online. An
expert system is a computer program, with a set of rules encapsulating knowledge about a particular problem domain. This is a web based
application developed using machine learning techniques. In the present paper genetic algorithm technique1 has been considered and applied
to generate new set of rules using the existing set of rules provided by human expert. Here a rule based expert system and a machine learning
systems are integrated to form the proposed Rank Based Genetic Algorithm on Cotton Expert Advisory System. The proposed system
examines the symptoms provided by the user and process the information through the new set of rules generated by the algorithm and
determines the diseases affected to the Cotton crop. The system works as follows: At First, the symptoms provided by the user are
examined by the rule based system and determines the diseases if they are sufficient to identify the disease. If the rules required for processing
the data are not sufficient in the existing knowledge base, then the system automatically calls the machine learning algorithm technique for the
new set of rules and determines the probable diseases. As a whole, the system results global solution for recognizing the diseases in Cotton
crop cultivation and also suggests the corresponding treatments to the diseases. This expert system is a web based online application for online
users with java as front end and MySQL as backend.


Key words: Expert Systems, Machine Learning, Genetic Algorithm, Cotton, Cross over, Selection, Mutation, JSP & MYSQL.


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