Fuzzy Logic in Control Design Anti-Lock Brake System

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Sarbjeet Singh
Meenkshi Sharma,Priyanka Kakkar, Sukhvinder Singh


In recent years fuzzy logic control techniques have been applied to a wide range of systems. Many electronic control systems in the automotive industry such as automatic transmissions, engine control and Anti-lock Brake Systems (ABS) realize superior characteristics through the use of fuzzy logic based control rather than traditional control algorithms. ABS is implemented in automobiles to ensure optimal vehicle control and minimal stopping distances during hard or emergency braking. ABS is now accepted as an essential contribution to vehicle safety. Intel Corporation is the leading supplier of microcontrollers for ABS and enjoys a technology agreement with Inform Software Corporation the leading supplier of Fuzzy Logic tools and systems. The increasing automotive customer awareness of ABS has greatly increased the demand for this technology. Improving ABS capability is a mutual goal of automotive manufacturers and Intel Corporation. The growing interest in the automotive community to implement fuzzy logic control in automotive systems has produced several major automotive product introductions. The use of fuzzy-logic in conjunction with microcontrollers is a fairly new development in automotive applications. In future it is expected that ABS will be implemented all over the world.


Key Words: Fuzzy logic, ABS, COG, ECU.


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