Remote Monitoring and Controlling Distributed Real-Time Systems using Multi- Agents

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Anusha Kannan
Usha Devi.G


In recent years, research on software agents has gained tremendous amount of attention. To date, very little of the research has
involved agents that operate within real time systems. An agent system would have certain unique characteristics versus traditional scheduling
algorithms. This stems directly from agents ability to schedule execution times for a given task. The distributed systems are used in various
application areas and their working environment is very complex due to which they face concurrency and synchronization problems. To cope up
with these two problems in this paper we present a novel approach to enhance the efficiency of the distributed systems by implementing agent
architecture and RMA scheduling algorithm. The main work of this article includes designing agent architecture for typical concurrency
embedded system applications, and adapting classic RMA for scheduling tasks which have soft real time requirements.


Keywords: Distributed Real-Time Systems, Agents, RMA scheduling algorithm, Architecture Design.


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