A Modern Play Color Cipher Involving Dynamic Permuted key with Iterative and Modular Arithmetic Functions

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Prof. Ravindra Babu Kallam
Dr. S.Udaya Kumar, Dr.A.Vinaya Babu


In this paper, we have developed a block cipher involving permutation, color substitution with iterative and modular arithmetic
functions. For this development we have used a large symmetric key of 128bits. By using sub key generation algorithm the 128bit key in turn
divided into four parts as K1, K2, K3 and K4. Among these K1, K2 were used as a parameters to the function, and the function is selected based on
K3 out available 10 functions. The output of the function will be treated as a starting address and increment value for selecting the color in our
previously invented “ Play color cipher algorithmâ€. K4 is used as a key for transposition. The process of encryption and decryption were
explained with example. From the cryptanalysis carried out in this paper, we conclude that the cipher cannot be broken by any cryptanalysis


Keywords: Symmetric block cipher, Cryptanalysis, Play color cipher (PCC), substitution, permutation, RSA algorithm


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