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Ashutosh Kumar Singh
Naveen Kumar


This One of the essential issues in coordinated multi-robot path planning and area exploration is how to allocate target location to the individual robot and how to superior share out the robots in the environment. In this process, they must have an optimal motion planning algorithm to find out the minimum path with the lesser amount of time and minimum amount of energy. Given environment is divided into subarea equal to the available number of robots using circle partitioning method. Every robot finds the shortest path for the given subarea assigned to them. It may be possible that in any sector there is a high density of obstacles or path planning capability of any robot is not good as compared to others. So path planning in that sector or by that robot will be done easily. Our involvement is in three fold: (1) EA* algorithm for path planning; (2) assignment technique is to better share out the robots in the environment; (3) fault-detection algorithm, if one or more robot may fail during the path planning. Our proposed algorithm has been tested for the different environments with the different level of complexity depending on the number of obstacles. Here, the fault-detection concept is added that means if any robot may fail during the path planning then it can be handled easily.


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