Intelligent ARM7 Based Wireless Security System Using Sensor Nodes and GSM Gateway

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Manoj Kumar
Anurag Singh, Aftab Alam Tyagi


This paper presents the design and implementation of a low cost, low power consumption GSM (Global System for Mobile
Communication) based wireless home security system. The system is a wireless home network which contains three kinds of wireless security
sensor nodes, GSM gateway, GSM module and a Remote User. The three kinds of wireless security sensor nodes are door security nodes,
infrared security nodes and fire alarm nodes. Every sensor node has a wireless transceiver module and an 8 bit microcontroller. The
communication between the GSM gateway and the sensor nodes is through wireless transceiver. When an alarm incident occurs, the nodes will
send alarm information to the GSM gateway immediately. The alarm state will be displayed in the gateway and also sent to the Remote User
through GSM module. In order to ensure the security of the system information, some security methods are taken, such as password for gateway
to prevent unauthorized person to access the system and a pseudo security key for data encryption and decryption to ensure security wireless


Keywords: ARM7,GSM, Sensor, Wireless, Bluetooth.


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