Architecture of shared-nothing cluster to fast accessing and ensure the availability of data in distributed database environment

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Deepak Sukheja
Umesh K. Singh


Database systems have been essential for all forms of data processing for a long time. In recent years, the amount of processed data
has been growing dramatically, even in small projects. At the other hand, database management systems tend to be static in terms of size and
performance, which makes scaling a difficult and expensive task. Enterprises may have multiple database systems spread across the
organization for redundancy or for serving different applications. In such systems, query workloads can be distributed across different servers
for better performance. In this paper, we focus on complex queries whose evaluation tends to be time-consuming and design the secured share
nothing clustering architecture to improve the performance of application and also assure to the user to availability of the data. The proposed
architecture is very helpful towards a two phase query optimizer. In the first phase, the synchroniz and decomposes a query into subqueries and
tranfer them to appropriate cluster nodes. In the second phase, each cluster node optimizes and evaluates its subquery locally.


Key word: cluster technology, database technology, shared-nothing cluster, query processing, query optimization.


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