Cluster Based Data Gathering in Wireless Sensor Networks

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Narendran .M
Shobanalakshmi.R, Maivizhi.C


Use of wireless sensor network for real life applications have rapidly increased. Since sensor nodes operate on batteries, energy
efficient mechanisms for gathering sensor data are indispensable to prolong the lifetime of a sensor network as long as possible. A sensor node
consumes energy: observing its surroundings, transmitting data, and receiving data. Energy consumption is one of the major concerns in wireless
sensor networks since it impacts the network lifetime. Clustering is one of the key techniques which reduce energy consumption is wireless
sensor networks. In this paper we proposed an information similarity concepts with optimal clustering algorithm for partition the adjacent nodes
which will sense similar target into one cluster, thus cluster heads are elected. Our method can effectively reduce redundant data transmission
and the whole energy consumed in the network. Our simulation results show that our clustering mechanism reduced the energy consumption and
prolong the life time of network.



Keywords: Wireless sensor network, clustering algorithm, Information similarity. Data aggregation


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