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Manimekalai Somu


Software Reengineering can be defined as the examination, analysis, and alteration of any existing software system to reconstitute it in a new form, and the subsequent implementation of the new form [12]. The Current trend in software reengineering is “innovation for the third plat formâ€. Legacy is old. Developing on the third platform will accelerate in 2014. For developing a third platform we require high skills of security, Social, Cloud, Mobile, Big Data/Analytics, IOT, HCI, Gamification, and Cognitive Computing. Daily as human beings, we use variable naming theories that we neither aware of nor understand, but by the end of the day our communication either forwards or backwards continue without understanding progress. The proposal is to apply a comprehensive Framework for extracting variable names from the source code, clean them through. This would be satisfied to show merely that the conditions within the framework can be used to help us achieve a mechanism for understanding at least some essential properties of the variable names within the system and how they are evolving over a given period of time. The question is to address is whether it is possible to have a framework for arriving at a critical decision as to how we can use variable names in software reengineering. These modes of determination need play an important part in the explanation of mutual understanding, of communication.


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