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Surya Pratap Singh
Avinash Singh
Arvind Kumar Maurya
Upendra Nath Tripathi


For wireless multimedia sensor networks, very large number of sensor nodes are being used having different types sensing capability in order to gather various types of data from different environments. For multimedia type applications, considering its huge data volume structure, it is necessary to provide reliable and fair protocols in order to meet its specific requirements of quality of service demands in regard to manage them. To persist the system lifetime of wireless multimedia sensor networks, it is necessary to perform adjustments to maintain transmission rate and to manage traffic congestion In addition, scheme needs an effectively control mechanism for handling different data transmission with maintained quality of service for system without compromising security services. In this paper, we propose a fuzzy system based efficient routing protocol for heterogeneous distributed sensor mobile ad-hoc networks technique that aims to improve routing protocols by considering both energy and security. We developed fuzzy logic controller that trace route by ant path search algorithm and implement security by using a novel hash function. Finally, we simulated and compared the proposed protocol with the some existing one where, analysis and verification results shows that proposed scheme has good service merits.


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Surya Pratap Singh, DDU gorakhpur University

Researh Scholar department of Computer science


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