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Annal Ezhil Selvi
Anbuselvi R


Content Distribution Networks have been attracted a great deal of attraction in recent years on cloud computing. Replica placement problems (RPPs) as one of the key technologies in the Content Distribution Networks have been widely studied. The internet services are hosted by multiple geographically distributed datacenters. For the increasingly expanded utility of Cloud storage, the improvement of resources management and reduces the storage space, cost is complicated issues on data replication. So in order to reduce the data replication, this paper, proposed the concept of Reliability Assurance algorithm (RA). The RA is reducing the file replication from the server and improves the reliability of the server. The RA algorithm identified the data replication on un-accessing files. The unpredicted files called as replicated files, these files occupy a more space on cloud server. The low ranking prediction algorithm identified the unpredicted files on cloud server based on file accessing. Reduced data replication on cloud server it’s allows optimizing the storage space and cost. Using the RA and Ranking algorithm combined to reduce the data replication and storage space.


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