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Pratibha Dubey
P. V. Jain


The concept of generalized locally closed sets (glc-sets), GLC**-sets followed by the notion of GLC and GLC**-continuous maps was initiated by Balachandran et al. (Generalized locally closed sets and GLC-continuous functions, Indian J. pure appl. Math 27(3): 235-244, 1996).

In the present work, it has been established that the collection of glc-sets and the collection of GLC**-sets, each is exactly equal to the power set P (X) of X. Consequently, any arbitrary function with any choice of domain and range turns out to be GLC and GLC**-continuous function which is not desirable from analytic point of view.


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Pratibha Dubey, St. Aloysius College, Jabalpur (M. P.)

St. Aloysius College, Department of Mathematics, Assistant Professor

P. V. Jain, R.D. University, Jabalpur

Department of Mathematics and Computer Science, R.D. University, Jabalpur(M.P.) Professor


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