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Reshmi S
Dr. M. Anand Kumar


This paper examines and reviews the Obfuscation and Heuristics algorithm in Network Virtualization to protect the packets against unwanted modifications. These two algorithms are mainly focused to eliminate two major attacks say black hole attack and gray hole attack in the network virtualization. These attacks stop the packets in the focal point to reach the destination, which will not intimate the source about the arrival of content in the destination. The Obfuscation and Heuristics Algorithms helps in investigating mislaid packets in network while transmitting to end users. Obfuscation algorithm makes code harder to analyze which added to protect against malicious modifications of a program. Heuristic algorithm is a technique designed for faster recovery. Based on the speed of packet transfer from source to destination this is achieved to eliminate those attacks.


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Reshmi S, Karpagam University

Research Scholar


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