Network security with Fine Grained Databas Access Control model for Web Database

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Amit Kuraria
Prof.Vikram Jain, Prof. Sweta Modi


Web database is combination of database and web technology. Web database is placed on the Internet, there are many
security problems. Widespread availability of internet access coupled with the increase in number of web applications has led to a
surge in the amount of personal data stored online. The secrecy and the integrity are two important demands of security system. A
wide variety of attacks that can be grouped into the category of “injection attacks†can be used to maliciously attack the web
database server and database of a web application. These attacks consist of injecting specially formatted data into the application
with the hope of corrupting the internal functioning of the database server. When network security and the database access control
are addressed separately, the security systems are not optimized sufficiently as a whole. We propose a method of integrating
network security with criterion based access control to handle network security. Fine grained access control must be supported by
web databases to satisfy the requirements of privacy preserving and Internet-based applications. This access control mechanism is
applicable for any existing web databases and is capable to prevent many kinds of attacks, thus significantly decreases the web
databases' attack surface.



Keywords: Fine grained access control, Web database security, multiple policies, Privacy preservation, Intrusion detection


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