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Mekala U
K. Muthuramalingam


Information security in frame less wireless sensor networks (WSNs) is one of the most significant research challenges. Encryption and key distribution are significant primitives to build secure Wireless Sensor Networks (WSN). A large amount of dissimilar key distribution schemes were implemented, targeting different types of WSNs. In these networks, sensor nodes are typically speckled liberally in the field in order to monitor, gather, disseminate, and deliver the sensed data to the control node. Various studies have listening carefully on key establishment schemes in homogeneous WSNs. However, recent investigation has shown that achieving survivability in WSNs requires a hierarchy and heterogeneous substructure. In this research, to address security issues in the assorted WSNs, propose a secure clustering scheme called Attribute based Encryption (ABE) along with a deterministic pair-wise key administration scheme based on public key cryptography and attribute based encryption algorithm. The proposed security device guarantee that any two sensor nodes positioned in the same cluster and routing path can directly establish a pair-wise key without disclosing any material to other nodes. Through safekeeping performance evaluation, it is shown that the proposed scheme guarantee node-to-node validation, high resiliency against node capture, and minimum remembrance space requirement.


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Mekala U, Bharathidasan University

Department of computer science

K. Muthuramalingam, Bharathidasan University

Department of computer science


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