WLAN CCMP Protocol Nonce Enhancement using Transmission Rate

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R. Buvaneswari
Dr.R. Balasubramanian


IEEE has incorporated Counter Mode with Cipher Block Chaining Message Authentication Code protocol (CCMP) to provide robust security to IEEE 802.11 wireless LANs. Counter mode is used for data confidentiality and Cipher Block Chaining –Message Authentication Code (CBC-MAC) is used for data integrity and authentication. It is found that CCMP has been designed with a weak nonce construction and transmission mechanism, which leads to the exposure of initial counter value. This weak construction of nonce renders the protocol vulnerable to attacks by intruders. The failure of the counter mode will result in the collapse of the whole security mechanism of 802.11 WLAN.The IEEE 802.11 standard provides multiple data rates at the physical layer(PHY).The Physical Layer Convergence Protocol(PLCP) header specifies the data rate of current packet in SIGNAL field . This paper shows an enhancement to nonce through PLCP signal field. since signal rate is different for each transmission.



Keywords: CCMP, TKIP, WEP, nonce, IV, PLCP, transmission rate


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