A New Steganography Algorithm for Image Hiding using Gödelization Under Frequency Domain

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D.Lalitha Bhaskari
B.V.Ramadevi, P.S.Avadhani


Steganography, known as the art of hiding information, is a means of embedding data within another data while protecting its secrecy.
The proposed method in this paper focuses on hiding the data(image) under frequency domain making use of Modulation technique, which
embeds the secret data in the DCT domain of the cover image to increase the robustness of the scheme against JPEG compression. To enhance
the security, the secret data is encoded using a technique called Gödelization and compressed using Alphabetic Coding techniques. The encoded
compressed data which is obtained is embedded into the DCT domain of the cover image. The proposed methodology is proved to be secure and
is resistant to JPEG attacks.



Keywords:Discrete Cosine Transform, Frequency Domain, Gödelization, Alphabetic Coding, Steganography.


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