Performance Evaluation on Reactive Routing Protocols for Ad Hoc Networks

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D. Suresh kumar
K. Manikandan, M. A. Saleem Durai


Ad Hoc Networks are wireless networks which do not have any fixed any fixed infrastructure or any centralized server system. These
networks reorganize themselves dynamically and the routing from one node to another change often .The differentiating feature of an ad hoc
network is that the functionality normally assigned to infrastructure components, such as routers, access points and switches. In most cases it is
an assumption that the participating nodes are movable may not have guaranteed uptime and have limited energy resources .In an Ad Hoc
Network routing between source nodes to destination node securely and efficiently is a challenging task in the real time. In our research we will
be comparing various routing protocols and find which protocol is best for which type of network. We will discuss about genetic algorithm (GA)
and backup routing protocols which are popular and we will further incorporate the security by adding authentication to nodes that participates in
the network as the attribute in the routing protocols in order to provide secure routing in ad hoc network.



Keywords: Ad hoc network; genetic algorithm; routers; backup routing; authentication.


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