Introduction of Component Based Testing

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Vikas Verma
Dr.Sona Malhotra,Gurbaj Singh, Divyendu Kumar Mishra


One of the most common reasons for adopting component-based approaches is reuse. This means to build software from existing
components by assembling and replacing interoperable parts. This reduces development time and improved product quality makes this approach
very attractive. This Report introduces basics of Component Based Testing, fundamental technical skills and the supporting skills needed by
successful software tester. Software development styles have changed a lot of times over the past few decades catering to the needs of the era,
which they represented. With increasing pressures on time and money, the concept of component based software development originated. In this
method, the software project is outsourced to other development organizations and finally, the third party components are integrated to form a
software system.



Keywords: Component, Reusability, Test components, Component Based Testing


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