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Premasundari M Shivakumar
Dr. C. Yamini


Agriculture is the backbone of India. The ultimate goal of farming is the cultivation and perfection of human beings. Agriculture acts as a mediator between nature and the human community. Soil is the boon for agriculture and chemical fertilizer is the curse for soil. Food produced by these artificial fertilizers causes many challenges to human lives. Autism Spectrum Disorder is the third most common developmental disorder. The first ever survey shows that more than 10 million children in India suffer from autism. Data Mining is one of the phases involved in Knowledge Discovery in Databases. The goal of Data mining is the discovery of patterns and knowledge from large datasets. There are a number of machine learning techniques such as classification, clustering, association rule etc. involved in data mining. Classification belongs to supervised learning technique of data mining. This research work focuses on finding whether agriculture has any impact on autism. This paper shows the literature review based on the significance of prediction and classification based data mining algorithms in the field of agriculture and autism spectrum disorder.


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Premasundari M Shivakumar, Sri Ramakrishna College of Arts and Science For Women Bharathiar University Coimbatore

Computer Science



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