Implementation of Web usage Mining tool using Efficient Algorithm

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Kapil Sharma
Prof. Vineet Richhariya, Yogendra S. Rathore


In this paper,The World Wide Web (WWW) continues to grow at an astounding rate in both the sheer volume of traffic and the size
and complexity of Web sites. An important input to website design is the analysis of how a Web site is being used by the users. Usage analysis
includes straightforward statistics, such as page access frequency, as well as sophisticated forms of analysis, such as finding the common
traversal paths through a Web site. Web Usage Mining is usually done using data mining techniques to determine frequent access patterns of the
users. There are two phases in the Web Usage Mining. The first phase is Data Preprocessing. There are several preprocessing tasks i.e. Data
Cleaning, User Identification, Session Identification and Transaction Identification. These tasks are computationally intensive and time
consuming. Which need to be performed on the data, this data collected from web server logs. The work initially develops on usage data
preparation techniques in order to identify users and the user sessions. There after groups the user sessions of the users based on semantically
meaningful access paths of the users. These access paths help to generate the frequent access patterns of the user that can be used for effective
web page design. The second phase is Mining the frequent patterns. This phase generate the frequent patterns from the access paths of the users.



Keywords: Weblog, Access Paths, Patterns,mining,,min support


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