Virtual Machine - Solution to run Multiple Operating System

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Dr. Anwar Pasha Abdul Gafoor Deshmukh
Dr. Riyazuddin Qureshi


The present study deals with the Development of Multiple Operating Systems on the same Computer. This means that one can keep
more than two operating Systems on the same Computer (e. g. if one has latest version of Microsoft windows vista it is possible to have older
version of Microsoft Windows XP on the same Computer) and simultaneously can carry on the development of multiple application software
with different versions by installing Virtual PC 2007. In the IT world Virtualization refers to the use of virtualization software that allows the
physical hardware of a single PC to run multiple Operating Systems simultaneously in Virtual Machines. The virtualization software simulates
enough hardware to create an environment that allows an unmodified guest operating system (the one running inside a Virtual machine) to be in
isolation on a host operating system (the one running physical computer system). This setup is very useful particularly, in a given scenario where
most of the educational institutions simultaneously offer different courses and different levels of a course syllabus, with limited resources at its
disposal. If we need to teach advanced version of operating systems like “Microsoft Windows Vistaâ€, along with application software
“Microsoft Office 2010†and “Microsoft Internet Explorer 7†and at the same time, older version of Operating System like, “Microsoft Windows
XPâ€, along with application software, “Microsoft Office 2003†and “Microsoft Internet Explorer 6†as another subject for a different class in the
same Computer lab. This can be done by installing different operating system on different partitions of the disk but such a setup requires
rebooting the computer every time the user intends to shift from one operating system to another. This problem can very-well be solved by
Virtual Machine. User can load two Operating systems like, Microsoft windows Vista and Microsoft Windows XP and then can install
Microsoft office 2010 on the first Virtual Machine and Microsoft office 2003 on the second. Just like all application software click the icon of
virtual machine operating system on desktop of windows 7 or select from start button to switch over to the other operating system as well as
Application software. The study deals with how to create, copy, and configure virtual machines. Microsoft Virtual PC 2007 to run multiple
operating systems at the same time on the same physical computer.

Keywords: Virtual Machine; Virtual PC 2007, Multiple Operating Systems, Hypervisor, virtual machine monitor


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