Development of LCMS for Collaborative E-learning

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Suman Ninoriya
P.M. Chawan


The trend towards more innovation in technology of eLearning and the increased usage of new media makes the design and
development of courses increasingly complex. Most of the parts of the eLearning development process are supported by IT. As an effect, this
may lead to a create eLearning material and courses, which is reusable .In aiming to achieve the reusability and adaptability. Learning objects
are break-down of digital content into smaller “chunks†of information that can be shared and reused in various instructional context.. This paper
aims to present a systematic approach to create a Leaning object and store them in Central content repository, an indexing and searching
suggestion is also provide with the content repository based on metadata. All the modules are integrated with LMS to provide a complete LCMS
used for deployment of eLearning scenarios.



Keywords: Content Management system, E-learning , LCMS, Meta Data standards


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