Novel Method of Feto-Maternal Monitoring Using Music Therapy - A Non-Stress Test

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Sarwan Kumar
Amit Sengupta, Sneh Anand


Music changes physiological state for the better by relaxing people. This also contributes to patient treatment through music therapy.
Music is widely used for various purposes, such as music application as entertainment, or back ground music in workplace to ease workers load.
Music is considered to ameliorate physiological states as it relaxes people. It contributes to the treatment of patients since people appreciate it
and use it for music therapy. In this paper the music therapy was given to the pregnant women to record the fetal movement non-invasively using
pressure sensor. This is a novel and alternative (other than ultrasound) attempt of a non-stress test (NST) in which heart rate increases because of
fetus movements during trimester pregnancy. Also the increase in heart rate was verified with ultrasound recording.



Keywords: fetal movement, fecg, sensors


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