Artificial Neural Network Based Edge Detection Algorithm for Hand Gesture Recognition

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Miss. Shweta K. Yewale
Prof. A. P. Bodkhe


Gesture is one of the most natural and expressive ways of communications between human and computer in a real system. We
naturally use various gestures to express our own intentions in everyday life. Hand gesture is one of the important methods of non-verbal
communication for human beings for its freer in movements and much more expressive than any other body parts. Hand gesture recognition has
a number of potential applications in human computer interaction, machine vision, virtual reality, machine control in industry, and so on. The
main objective of this paper is recognizing the hand gestures using MATLAB. It also gives the working details of recognition process using
Edge detection algorithm.


Keywords: Hand Gesture Recognition, Artificial Neural Network, MATLAB, Edge Detection, Canny Edge Detection Algorithm.


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