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Ashwini Dilip Padmanabhi
Saima Ansari
Dr. R. R. Deshmukh


The objective of this paper is to find the soil nitrogen from the agricultural soil . Measurement of total nitrogen content is necessary to improve the crop productivity. The 30 soil samples(10 scans of each sample i.e. 300 spectral signatures) of the farming land in Aurangabad and Jalna region were collected . Database creation is done using Analytical Spectral Device (ASD) Field-Spec 4 Spectroradiometer with 350-2500 nm wavelength band. The visible near infrared(Vis-NIR) band is used for this experiment as Vis-NIR reflectance spectroscopy require less effort and it is fast technology to find out the soil nitrogen content. Partial Least Square Regression (PLSR) technique is implemented for feature extraction of soil spectral signature. It reduces the noise and detects the unknown samples which are not represented by calibration model. It is concluded that, the statistical result R2 0.92(p<0.01) at 403nm, 470nm, 687nm, 846nm, 1702 nm,1870nm, 2052nm bands sensitive to soil nitrogen. It produces the lower prediction error RMSEV (root mean square error of validation) =0.004 and RMSEC (root mean square error of calibration)=0.0039.


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