A Secure Communication Protocol for Mobile Ad-hoc Networks

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Sandeep Kanagala
Prof. Usha Devi. G


Mobile ad-hoc networks (MANET) is an autonomous collection of mobile users that communicate over bandwidth considered
constrained wireless links. They are dynamically reconfigured networks. MANET’s face serious security problems with their unique
characteristics such as mobility, dynamic topology, and lack of central infrastructure support. Key management is crucial part of
security, this issue is even bigger in MANET’s. The distribution of encrypted keys is an authenticated manner. Re-keying process will be
performed only when a node leaves or joins the network. The communication cost is reduced by re-keying i.e. each cluster will have 1-
hop nodes. The cluster heads will be nominated by using lowest id algorithm. The authentication is provided in between communicating
nodes. The network lifetime will be extended by using a monitoring node.


Keywords: clusters; group-key; network topology; public key; private key; hash value;


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