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Faiz Mohammad Faqiry
Rizwanur Rahman
Deepak Singh Tomar
Deepak Singh Tomar


The smart phones usage has been increased rapidly over the last decade. Because of their mobility and connectivity, smart phones are growing thrice as compared to Personnel Computers. Android is a mobile device operating system platform for smart phones, which is growing very fast. There are many security concerns in the Android smart phones related to permissions in Apps. Android is having some negative gaps regarding security. One of the main security related gap is its Permission level through which Apps are gaining access to the devices hardware and software. The Apps access can sometimes make a security issue, which is not acceptable for the end-users and this security issue tends users’ information leakage. Most of the time users are granting permissions while installing Apps but do not know about the permission requested by the Apps, which is a gap itself and this may lead for misusing user’s personal information. In this paper, a number of vulnerabilities are explored in Android permission level and provide an approach for better security in Android Platform. An Attack Scenario is developed successfully for permission-based attacks in the android platform and provides the countermeasures for it.


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Faiz Mohammad Faqiry, Department of Computer Science and Engineering, Maulana Azad National Institute of Technology, Bhopal (462003) M.P India.

Department of Computer Science and Engineering, (MANIT) Bhopal,M.P


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