An Optimal Energy Efficient And Secure Multicast Routing Protocol For key Distribution In Ad-Hoc Networks (MANETS)

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Venkata Sai karteek . N
Shakti Ganesh . M


Many emerging applications in adhoc networks require Multicast communication for reliability and efficiency. Multicast
communication is challenging in adhoc networks due to its some of the vital characteristics such as infrastructure-less architecture, lack of
central authority, high packet loss rates and limited resources such as bandwidth, time, power, and other security issues. Key management is the
fundamental challenge in achieving secure multicast communication using multicast key distribution in mobile adhoc networks. This paper
proposes a new optimal energy efficient and secure multicast routing protocol (OEESMRP) for secure multicast key distribution, in which nodes
uses Destination Sequenced Distance Vector (DSDV) routing protocol format to know the neighbour node address with that optimal energy
efficient and secure multicast routing protocol (OEESMRP) forms a tree structure for multicast communication with energy efficiency.
Simulation results from the NS2 shows the demonstration of Multicast Tree using OEESMRP have better system performance than using DSDV
in terms of end to end delay, throughput, packet drop rate and key delivery ratio under varying network conditions.


Keywords: Mobile adhoc networks, DSDV, Optimal Energy Efficient and Secure Multicast Routing Protocol (OEESMRP), Multicast Tree


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