Applications of Z-Source Inverter & PMSG in Wind Energy Systems

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Mr.R. Pradeep
Mrs.E. Vani


Existing wind power generating systems are mostly of large capacity (over 100 kw) and high-priced (about 1000 US$/kW). Because of
the erratic change of wind power and of smoothing peak power, ACmC converter-fed battery system is recommended. We adopt compact
permanent magnet type synchronous generator, which doesn’t need exciting current, and step up/down buck-boost chopper to wind power
generating system of a few kW output without position or speed sensor. With the growth of wind energy conversion systems (WECSs), various
technologies are developed for them. Permanent-magnet synchronous generators (PMSGs) are used by these technologies due to special
characteristics of PMSGs such as low weight and volume, high performance, and the elimination of the gearbox. In this paper, a new variablespeed
WECS with a PMSG and Z-source inverter is proposed. Characteristics of Z-source inverter are used for maximum power tracking control
and delivering power to the grid, simultaneously. A maximum boost control is presented to produce the maximum voltage boost (or voltage
gain) under a given modulation index. Two control methods are proposed for delivering power to the grid: Capacitor voltage control and dc-link
voltage control. In this paper the simulated results of Z-Source Inverter with constant dc obtained from the PMSG is shown.




Keywords: ACmC converter-fed battery system, Permanent-magnet synchronous generators, Z-source inverter


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