Intraday Messenger Implementation for Trading using the Secured XML Technologies

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Padmini Priya Chandra. S
Balamurugan. B., Venkatakrishna. P


This paper analyses the implementation of a secured intraday mobile instant messenger for the exchange of data and files for stock
trading activities. The secured information updates regarding the stocks, optimization and increased data transmission rates are focused in this
new system. The presence protocol, jabber allows a broker to link with any number of traders and give them instantaneous updates. Security
throughout the system is provided by the xml based techniques of encryption and access control like xml-enc and xacml. The facility of Timber
database xml security even at the database level can be fully used for the trading security as monetary transactions is involved totally. For all
trading days, the market data are analysed frequently using the algorithms and the traders are provided with the option to view the graph
regarding their status of shares. Finally, this system allows an active investor to track stocks in real time, to get live intraday and charts with
procedural analysis, collaborating in groups and security on top of all the layers of this system with supported brokerage accounts.



Keywords: jabber, timber, xml security, xml-enc, xacml.


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