A Hybrid Recognition & Speech Synthesis System for Handwritten Punjabi Words

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Neeta Rana


In this paper, a Handwriting Recognition and Speech Synthesis System is presented. Here, the recognition is of Online Handwritten
Punjabi Words. A handwritten word is represented as a sequence of strokes. Support vector machines have been used for constructing the stroke
recognition engine. Our proposed approach is database independent. It can recognize any Punjabi word based on the style of writing. To make it
more interactive the concept of speech synthesis is also added in this proposed system. After recognition the proposed system speaks the
recognized word. For speech synthesis, the technique used is CTTS (Concatenative Text-to-Speech).




Keywords:- Handwritten Word Recognition, Offline handwriting Recognition, Online handwriting Recognition, Support Vector Machine,
Speech Synthesis, Text- to-Speech Synthesis System, Concatenative Text-to-Speech


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