Different Location Discovery Approaches and Security in WSN

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Nagarajam .M
Dr.S. Karthikeyrn


Localization is one of the supporting technologies in wireless sensor networks. To identify the exact location of each and every sensor
may not be feasible. In most of the sensor network application gathered by sensor will be meaningless without the location of sensor nodes. The
researchers involve identifying localization of sensor node for the past years. The localization places a vital role in wireless sensor network.
Exchange information with the environment through sensor and implement the function of collecting and delaying with data. Various techniques
are available to locate the sensor node from the network. As sensor node is tiny device, it is not easy to develop an application for wireless
sensor network security. In this paper we describe the different type of approaches of node localization discovery in wireless sensor networks
and we describe the architecture of elliptic curve cryptography processor for network security.



Keywords-WSN, Localization, ToA, TDoA, RSSI, Angle Estimation, Distance Estimation


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