WSC-UML: A UML Profile for Modeling Web services communities A Health Care Case Study

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Hela Limam
Jalel Akaichi, Wided Oueslati


In today's collaborative environments such as bioinformatics and healthcare, the access to an increasing number of distributed data
sources is an important step towards enhancing decision support systems. In this context, we propose a mediation framework for integrating
distributed Web services into communities and we show how the use of communities provides a scalable solution for gathering and managing
functionally-equivalent Web services. Hence, in this paper we first propose a model of Web services communities. Secondly, as the specificities
and design complexity of Web services communities call for a language and tool support to guide a Web services community design we propose
a WSC-UML profile for the design of web services communities .The proposed tool extends UML to express specific concepts of web services
communities. Finally, the paper illustrates the usefulness of the proposed profile notation using a health care community example designed with
the WSC-UML Tool



Keywords: Web services, communities, UML extension, health care, model.


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