A Comparison of Informatics Skills by schooltypes in the 9-10th grades in Hungary

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Gabor Kiss


The students can enter higher education after high school or vocational school. The learning material is the same in Computer Science
education, but what the students in high school learn in the 9th grade, those in the vocational school learn it in the 9-10th grades. The students
have to be same knowledge level at the end of secondary grammar school, if they did not choose the special training of this subject. I wanted to
analyse the computer science knowledge in the 9th -10th grades, because I wanted to see the difference in informatics skills of students from
different schooltypes. Why is this important? I think the same learning material in these grades will give the same results in knowledge level, so
this was my starting hypothesis. An analysis of informatics skills by schooltypes in secondary grammar schools was made with the help of a web
based Informatics Test. After composing an on-line test on the base of the National Curriculum I analysed how effectively can students of
different grades answer questions dealing with different subjects. From different towns of Hungary over 60 teachers used the test to see the
knowledge level of more than 1000 students having answered these questions, but I needed only the answers coming from the 9 th -10th grades
now. After the evaluation of the test results the correctness of the original presumption emerged. First the Kolmogorov-Smirnov-test was used to
see if the groups showed standard normal distribution in answering the questions. The means of the correct answers by schooltypes were
examined using a Z-test with two parameters and the Eta-squared calculated revealed how much schooltypes influenced the difference of means.
Significance level was 5% through the analysis. Significant divergence by schooltypes was not found in the 9th grade and just in the topics word
processing and spreadsheet calculation was found a weak or middle weak connection between schooltypes and knowledge level showing the
hypothesis being correct. As a second result of this analysis I found some difference between the taught material and that of the National



Keywords: computer science knowledgement, secondary grammar school, Hungary


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