Object Oriented Approach using Multidimensional OLAP Data Model

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Alankrita Aggarwal
Meenakshi Sharma


The introduction of metadata management concept is given which is based on the object-oriented paradigm for modelling and
querying multidimensional OLAP-data. In this model we apply the basic concepts of the object-oriented model including object, class, and
relationship between objects to describe objects of multidimensional data and the OLAP operations. In our approach the multidimensional
OLAP-data is modelled as a fact and a set of dimensions that are organized into class-hierarchy. On-line Analytical Processing (OLAP) is
emerging as the most important approach in Data Warehousing. OLAP allows modelling data in a multidimensional way as a cube and to query
and analyze data from many different perspectives. Multidimensional OLAP data is presented as a multidimensional data cube. The
Multidimensional data cube can be modelled by using facts and set of dimensions based on the notion of dimension hierarchy. In this approach
multidimensional cube class is organized into class-hierarchy, which consists of three layers and each layer has an independent function. This
approach provides advantages from the several positive aspects of object-oriented modelling, such as security, reusable software, etc.
Multidimensional database and OLAP scenarios are becoming very popular these days. OLAP systems impose different requirements than Online
Transactional Processing (OLTP) systems, and therefore, different data models and implementation methods are required for each type of
system. There have been several different multidimensional data models proposed recently. However, there are certain key issues in
multidimensional modelling, such as derived measures, derived dimension attributes and the additively on fact attributes along dimensions,
which are not considered by these proposals.



Keywords: OLAP, Multidimensional Data, Dimensions, Facts, Data Cube, OOMD


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