Design of Mechanism for Enhancement the Security of Hadoop Processing Tool “Hive” With VMWARE Platform

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Anjali Devi


Hadoop is a completely open-source software background for loading the data and make running environment for the applications on commodity cluster with the computing. It offers huge storage for various data, huge processing authority and the capability to hold virtually unlimited parallel tasks or jobs. The logs are structured, unstructured, semi-structured model generating in gigantic volume of information and cannot handle using RDBMS easily. Accordingly, Hadoop master-slave cluster is used, this cluster controlled upon the largeinformation. Consequently, whole process includes data import from servers to HDFS then all the processing done step by step in the frequent manner. The underlying framework HDFS architecture with map reduce shall be definable using HIVE with Kerberos authentication algorithm, generating reports using core map reduce and processing through VMware Cloudera management with Hadoop. the information extracted and convert to more interactive and understandable bar graph which can be improve their meaningful data and existing units.


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