Survey on Improvisation of Medium Access Protocol for Wireless Sensors Networks

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B Naga Naveen
Prof. K Manikandan, Prof. T Purusothaman


Wireless sensor networks (WSNs) have become an on move research area for the researchers, Wireless sensor network’s performance is strictly related to the medium access mechanism. To achieve low power operation, several MAC protocols already proposed for WSN. The aim of this project is to survey and analyze the most energy efficient MAC protocol in order to categorize them and to compare their performances work with their limited and non replenish able energy resources. Energy efficiency is one of the main design objectives for these sensor networks. In this paper, we present the challenges in the design of the energy efficient medium access control (MAC) protocols for the wireless sensor network. We describe several MAC protocols for the WSNs bringing out their strength and weakness wherever possible. Finally, we discuss the future research directions in the MAC protocol design.




Keywords: Energy Efficiency, Medium Access Control, Wireless Sensors Networks.




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