Information Retrieval System of Hospital using UML and Data Cube

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Rajni Aron
Rajesh Kumar


UML is important for software analysis and designing. Each UML diagram depicts every relationship between model and reality. The
technique for making a model of our ideas is a use of Abstraction. The UML abstractions are developed as conventions to be learned and used
easily. Data Cube is used under different abstraction levels in a dimension hierarchy. This paper describes how information can be retrieved
through UML and Data Cube. UML activity diagram, sequence diagram and class diagram have been designed to retrieve the information
efficiently. It also proposes the framework of the hospital system. This paper contains how we can use Data Cube for fast retrieval of
information and how several queries can be performed. It also advocates a wider use of Data Cube for solving problem.



Keywords: UML, Data Cube and Hospital System


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