The Inventory Management System using RFID: Requirements Management

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Mudiana Mokhsin
Saidatul Rahah Hamidi,Syamsulhairi Yaako Zatul Amilah Shaffiei


This research was conducted to examine requirements management criteria needed in producing the inventory management system and to understand and take advantage of the opportunities of RFID afford as mechanism towards better inventory management. The goal is to improve the management of the conventional inventory system, by developing the computerized system with the involvement of RFID deploy-ment. Interviews, magazines, articles, journals, books and outline documents are collected throughout the gathering of requirements and thus provide vital information to the research. The materials used to enable the capturing the present of items are RFID tags attached to items and RFID reader connected to the computer. The techniques are created in order to capture the items being tagged and store the necessary informa-tion of the items into database via the system. The overall approach was to keep track the availability of the items inside the inventory. Upon completion of the research, it is found that the aspects identified in requirements management provide the basis in producing the inventory man-agement system and the product of the research is system prototype which is being demonstrated. Future works for this system are focus on the RFID utilization and establish the stability of RFID connection with the system so it becomes more efficient, more effective and consistent. Be-sides, it is recommended to broaden the scope, enhancing the existing functionalities, adding new valuable elements to the system and improve the attractiveness of the system interfaces.


Keywords: RFID, Inventory Management System, Inventory System Criteria, Stock Management System, Fast Food Restaurant


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