Improving the Performance of Medium Access Control (MAC) Layer Using Virtual Backoff Algorithm (VBA)

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C.P.Reshma Chand


Nowadays, there is a wide range of communication over wireless networks. As the need for communication increases, there is a need
to prevent wireless communication from collision. This paper presents a scheme, called the Virtual Backoff Algorithm (VBA) for efficient
Medium Access Control (MAC) layer. The proposed method minimizes the number of collisions as well as the delays that occur during the
backoff periods. The VBA method uses fair distributed mechanism to access the channel. When collision occurs in a MAC layer, it may result in
decreased throughput, hence leads to lower bandwidth utilization. Virtual Backoff Algorithm (VBA) is used inorder to prevent collision during
multiple channel access in MAC Layer. In this method, we introduce a counter at each node to maintain the discipline of the nodes. AODV is
used as the routing protocol in this method. The proposed method minimizes the number of collisions and increases the throughput along the
network. Also the proposed scheme shows that the energy requirements are minimum while reducing collisions in the MAC layer.



Keyword: Channel access, IEEE 802.11 protocol, CSMA/CA, distributed coordination function (DCF), Medium-access control (MAC), ad hoc
on-demand distance vector (AODV).


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