Internet Voting (e-voting) in Indian Environment

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Sanjay N. Kandekar
Dr. Ashwinikumar P. Dhande


Voting may seem like simple activity – cast ballots, then count them. Complexity arises, however, because voters must be registered,
and votes must be recorded in secrecy, transferred securely and counted accurately. Votes can be lost at every stage of the process. Two simple
problems are to blame, first registration database error and second poor design of system (ballot or machine). In case of Indian election,
electronic voting machine like DRE is used from 2004 election. This machine has its own merits & demerits. Voter cast their vote by going to
the polling booth, where he or she has to press one button next to the candidate. But the voters which are 1000 and more kilometer away from
their constituency relay on slow postal system. So can we send our vote to particular EVM (booth) in particular constituency by using internet?
This is the main theme of this paper



Keyword:. Internet voting, e-voting, Global e-voting, local e-voting, multimodal e-voting, E-VS, Security


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