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S Manimekalai
Dr. E. Kirubakaran


Now-a-days, all the organizations maintain their information through computers. To computerize the information, the database is
needed. A database may contain multiple tables, which in turn, it contains lot of fields of different data types to organize the information. In
order to store the information in these tables, one must be aware about the knowledge of databases, tables, fields and types.
In the Software Development Architecture, there exist a number of phases to develop the product. The first and essential step is to
design the product based on the requirements. The next step is to develop code to implement the design. The designing process is done by a
Software Architect, who is not necessary to know about the programming language in which the design implements. Most of the Software
Architect may have the knowledge in HTML (Hyper Text Markup Language) which is easy to learn and understand. But the programmer must
know and understand the design process and then they can convert it into implementation. Sometimes, there may arise some complexity due to
inefficient design which was developed by a Architect who was unaware of the programming language.
To reduce this kind of complexity and to simplify the work, a special technique is incorporated in this paper, which is termed as “Reengineeringâ€.
This technique will automatically convert the table design into implementation code. In this paper, we implement this technique
to convert the design of the table which is designed in HTML by the Software Architect to database in Java. The Software Architect just creates
a table design with necessary fields and data using HTML. The programmer uses the Re-Engineering technique to transform it into database in
Java. The snapshot about the conversion from HTML to Java is discussed in this paper.


Keywords: Computerize, Database, Design, Fields, Implement, Organize, Programming language, Re-Engineering, Snapshot, Software
Architect, Software Development Architecture, Tables.


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