Modern Simulation and Modeling Techniques Used For Virtual Object Animations

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Nooria Nazir
M. Aqeel Iqbal,Amber Sarwar, M. Naeem Altaf


In the computer science world much vast advancement have been made. One such advancement is the invention of simulation and
modelling technology. Simulation and modelling is one of the emerging fields of science, which has great system tradeoffs. It has wide range of
applications in real world jobs due to its highly accelerated potentials. The purpose of simulation and modelling is to fabricate technology that
entails representation of certain key features of a selected physical and abstract system. This technology has been most commonly used in
games. The basic purpose of using this technology is to represent some real things, human’s real looks and some of our real life activities in the
form of games to predict actual behaviour. In this paper we have given an overview of the latest techniques for computations and up gradations
in different contexts of simulation and modelling. Finally we consider the descriptions of its validity and experimenting with them can save time,
sufferings and money.


Keywords - Simulation and modelling, Methodology, simulation models, Simulators, military simulation.


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