An Application Based Routing Protocol for Mobile Ad-hoc Network

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Vismay Jain


A wireless ad hoc network is a collection of two or more devices/nodes or terminals with wireless communications and networking
capability that communicate with each other without the aid of any centralized administrator. They do not have a fixed topology or infrastructure
hence they are also known as infrastructureless networks. Each node in a wireless ad hoc network functions as a host or a router or both. The
network topology is in general dynamic and the communication is via an open medium, which is vulnerable. We consider a routing protocol,
namely, Dynamic Source Routing (DSR). The DSR is an on-demand or reactive routing protocol based on the concept of source routing. In this
thesis a cryptographic algorithm is used in order to secure the MANETs. The cryptography is a concept inspired from the field of life science
and has been extended to the field of MANETs to secure them. In the present work, one potential key application is used for cryptography
systems because it provides a much more compact storage medium. The proposed routing protocol has been verified and validated through
various simulation scenarios, using synthetically generated data sets. Simulation results demonstrate that the algorithm is secure with marginal



Keywords- MANET, Routing Protocols, Cryptography.


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